Creative Wedding Planning Crafted with Feeling

We are two pals who envisioned Last Best Wedding Design in Montana, The Last Best Place

we believe in creating an intimate experience that is uniquely you. 


You need more than just event planning services. 

You need a confidante to meet for coffee, to spill all of your questions and concerns, to help evaluate the many choices and to trust in coordinating your intimate day. You need us to organize the big and the small and guide you in sorting through all of the overwhelming options along the way. You need to know when to let go of the details and when to solely focus on the start of the lifelong journey with your partner. 

We get it. We are thrilled to assist you in planning a stress-free event.

Most importantly, we are there for you, every step of the way.

Saving money.

We help you do things right the first time and guide you in bringing your vision to life. We show you how to create a budget that gets you the most bang for your buck—using our close vendor relationships, we get you discounts and priority scheduling. Shh! Don’t tell anyone.


Let us take care of the endless phone calls, emails, texts, and multitude of meetings to plan your best day ever. As your day unfolds, the last thing you need to worry about is who is setting up where. We let you focus on your day, while we focus on the details.


No two couples are alike so why should your wedding be? LBW (that’s us) will customize ideas to reflect you and your partner. We guide you in planning all aspects of this special and intimate day. As a couple, your individual style and personality will shine.

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"We have had countless friends and family comment that our wedding was their favorite wedding they've been to so far. I know that if I was left to do it myself, I would have been impossibly stressed leading up to the day, and it wouldn't have been half as incredible. Hiring LBW was the best decision we made. The day of coordination was ESSENTIAL to our joy that day! We were able to be 100% present with our families and friends knowing LBW would make sure everything came together as planned from start to finish- they truly take the reigns on everything! These girls are incredibly talented and fantastic to work with. If you are on the fence- don't think twice. We feel so lucky to have found them, and will continue to encourage our friends to work with them on their big days!!"

Beth Michel, Bride 


Dagny : Denver, CO

Dagny is an adventurer, a planner, and a people lover. She listens to people tell their life-stories and encourages them to pursue their goals, hopes and dreams. She was raised on a ranch in Montana where her love for nature began. Presently, Dagny lives in a condo in Denver, but her dream is to buy a place in rural Colorado with enough space to grow organic vegetables and host events.


Liz : Boulder, co

Liz is a doer, a creator, a go-getter and a great planner who thrives on helping people create the wedding of their dreams and strives to make a difference. She currently lives in Boulder with her husband Andy and sons Declan and Lennox. Someday, Liz and Andy hope to live in a place where their family can run wild and free. Don't worry. You're invited as they plan on hosting events there, too.