Rocky Mountain Family Shoot

I'm having one of those "how can it possibly be January" years where time seems to simply disappear. Our little #babymeyers sweetheart is now a year old and we've yet to have a professional picture taken since he was a newborn. Where do we find the time to get this done? Answer: multi-task. We are headed to Denver for work and decide on a whim to try one of our favorite wedding vendors, Jess Purple Photography. YES! She has time while we are in town. This is GREAT. Not only do we get to further our relationship professionally but we also get to take some bomb pictures personally. (If you remember the Christian + Cody engagement party, her husband was the genius behind those pictures).  Jess suggests we meet at Mount Falcon Park, which is the perfect spot to capture the beauty of the Rocky Mountains. The best part is that with our traveling and moving between Montana and Wyoming, it is the one place that always feels like home. 

Problem. Just SECONDS before our arrival our little man falls asleep. No amount of goofy faces, dancing, singing or joking can keep his eyes open. This is no good. We have to wake him up and our perfect shoot is going to be a big bummer. But wait, it is not so!!! Jess is amazing. We do a quick session while the lighting is right and we are on our way. We kept thinking poor Jess, there is no way we got a good picture, all of this for nothing.

Let me tell you how wrong we were. Jess got the pictures back to us almost instantly, provided us with WAY more quality shots than we thought was possible with a grumpy #babymeyers AND went over and above just by meeting us so last minute. 

Denver friends, you have to check her out. She and her husband Matt are the coolest cats around. We loved them and we know that you'll love them too. 

Elizabeth Meyers

Last Best Weddings, Casper, WY