The Avant-Garde Groom

Whiskey. Cigars. Handsome Men. Edgy Style. 

We are constantly pushing our clients to be who they are and let their personalities shine on their wedding day. We truly believe that the union of two people should reflect who those two people are at the core. We seek a less traditional approach that usually leads to a very intimate, unique and personal experience for the couple and their wedding guests. 

We want to encourage grooms to take a more unique approach to their wedding day attire. Throw the traditional or lackadaisical attitude out the window guys. Let’s bring more style to your wedding day attire, because hey, it’s your day too. Wear a suit jacket that isn’t the exact same color as your slacks, wear a felt hat, un tuck your shirt, scrap wearing a tie, be bold by wearing bold colors, grow out your beard, smoke a cigar, drink some whiskey, show your tattoos and let’s celebrate your love for your beautiful bride. 



Styling, Design, Planning and Coordination: Last Best Wedding Design – - @lastbestweddings 

Photography: Matt + Jess – -@wearemattandjess

Greenery Backdrop + Boutonnières: Beet and Yarrow –  - @beetandyarrow

Venue: Bellwether – - @bellwetherclub

Rings: Kristin Coffin Jewelry – - @kristincoffinjewelry